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Spring Scheduling Meeting

We are holding a coaches scheduling meeting on Tuesday Night March 24th, 2015 at the Town of Oyster Bay Ice Rink on Stewart Avenue in Bethpage. Your division is scheduled as follows:


All 8u  8:30pm                                         All 9u   7pm


All 10u   7pm                                      All  11u  7pm


All  12u  7pm                                      All 13u   830pm


All 14u   830pm                                JUNIOR VARSITY       830pm


Seven days after this meeting all schedules will be finalized. Please make sure that your or a representative from your team is at this meeting. The meeting are in the community rooms.

Town of Oyster Bay Ice Rink

1001 Stewart Ave

Bethpage New York 11714

All coaches must enter their rosters online prior to their first game. Instructions can be found on our downloads link.


We will be hosting five tournaments in 2015 as well as  spring, summer and fall leagues. Look for details below.   

Spring Registration is Closed Out.



Step 1 – create an account

Step 2 – create a password 

Step 3 -  click on preferred age group

Step 4 – register  (pertinent registration information and payment instructions) 


You must have an account before you can register.  Create one here.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor click on the contact tab above. Please include your phone number so we can get right back to you.

2015 Umpire Fees

7,8,9, 10, 11-60 Bases $55 per umpire one umpire per game

11-75’, 12-75’, 12-90’ Bases $55 per umpire two umpires per game

13, 14 $65 per umpire two umpires per game

15, 16,17, 18 $70 per umpire two umpires per game

All 9 Inning Games $90 per umpire 




2015 Leagues



(Division champs receive free bid to various tournaments) 

top four in playoffs 

 (born on after after May 1st)

12u & Under 

06/15/15 – 08/15/15 

7u & 8u 12 games $500 

9u,10u, 11u 16 games $600 

11 & 12u 51/75 18 Games $700   

13u to 19u 

06/08/15 – 08/15/15 

13u & 14u 22 Games $800 

15u & 16u 22 Games $850 

17u,18u,19u 22 Games $900 

(A B and C divisions available for all age groups) 


09/05/15 – 10/31/15

8u through 16u

(born on after after May 1st)

$795 entry fee Umpires Included

5 Games top four in playoffs

One game a week late Saturdays or on Sundays


09/05/15 – 10/31/15

(born on after after May 1st)

12u & Under

7u & 8u $500

9u,10u, 11u  $600

10, 11 & 12u 51/75 $650

12u (60/90) to 18u $700

12 Games top four in playoffs

(A B and C divisions available for all age groups)  

LI Hot Stove welcomes our newest partners!

All Long Island Hot Stove baseball players ,
families and friends will receive special discounted
ticket pricing. Click on the Mets or Yankees logo for more! Code: LIHSB


How to enter your roster


Spring Fling Tournament League 14u

Long Island Whalers 14u00
Bethpage Eagles Gold 14u.00
Long Island Elite00
Prospect Dodgers00
Long Island Dolphins00
Long Island Indians 14u00
Long Island Indians Gustafson00
Long Island Indians Daily00

Spring Fling Tournament League 13u

Diamond Spikes 13u00
Long Island Thunder 13u00
Baseball Nation 13u. 00
Long Island Whalers 13u.00
Long Island Patriots00
Hillside Redmen00
Knights 00
L.I. Warlords00

Spring Training League 10u

Farmingdale Greendogs 10u00
Merillon Sharks 10u00
South Shore Chiefs- Kelly00
Astoria Storm Red00
Syosset Braves 10u00
Mid Island Giants00
Long Island A Team00

LI Hot Stove 9U Elite Season

South Nassau Rock00
Farmingdale Greendogs 9u E00
Bethpage Eagles Gold 9u.00
Coastal Krakens 9u Elite00
Long Island Redmen00
Long Island Westies00
long island knights00
Long Island Force 9u Gold00
Long Island Force 9u Black00
NBNM Rebels 9u00

Spring Training League 8u

Bethpage Eagles 8u Gold00
Merrick Vipers 8u00
Astoria Storm Red.00
Astoria Storm Blue.00
Three Village Patriots00
Frozen Ropes GC 8u00

Spring Training League 9u

Bethpage Eagles 9u Blue00
Island Trees BullDogs 9u00
Levittown North Stars 9u00
Astoria Storm 9u00
Malverne Mustangs 9u00
SS Chiefs 9U-Annunziato00

Spring Training League 11u American

Massapequa Cyclones 11u00
NBNM Rebels 11u00
Island Trees Bulldogs 11u00
Bethpage Eagles Gold 11u00
Astoria Storm 11u Red00
Syosset Braves 11U00

Spring Fling Tournament League 10u

Bethpage Eagles Gold 10U 00
Long Island Force 10u00
FST Sharks00
Elmjack Thunder 00

Spring Fling Tournament League 12u

New Hyde Park Blue Devils 12u00
Long Island Whalers 12u00
Forest Hills Indians00
Merillion Sharks00
Long Island Force 12u Black00
Long Island Force 12u Gold00
Frozen Ropes GC 12u00
Long Island Astros 12u00

Spring Training League 13u National

New Hyde Park Blue Devils 13u00
Bethpage Eagles 13u Blue 00
Long Island Nationals 13u-Blue00
Bethpage Eagles 13u Gold00
Merillion Sharks 13u00
Sachem Cyclones00
Plainview Hawks 13u00

Spring Training League 12u

Long Island Nationals 12u-Blue00
Levittown Northstars 12u00
Bethpage Eagles Gold 12u00
Island Trees Bulldogs 12u00
Queens Giants00
Farmingdale Green Wave00
LI Thunder 12u00
Glen Cove Storm00
Malverne Mustangs 12u00
Floral Park 00

Spring Training League 13u American

Plainedge Patriots00
Island Trees Bulldogs 13U00
Nassau Pride 13u00
Hicksville Hurricanes00
Long Island Force 13u Black00
Long Island Force 13u Gold00

Spring Fling Tournament League 11u American

North Atlantic Whalers (Vizza)00
Long Island Indians 11u00
Shelter Rock Redmen00
Merillon Sharks 11u00
Long Island Force 11u00
Whitestone Angels Baseball Inc.00
Long Island Devils00
LSW 11 Red00
North Atlantic Whalers White00

Spring Training League Junior Varsity

Baseball Nation 14u00
Long Island Strykers 14u00
Thunder Baseball00
Oceanside Blue Sharks00

Spring Fling Tournament League 11u National

Roslyn Pirates00
WEST Warriors00
Lynbrook Knights00
Franklin Square Tigers00
LSW Astros00

Spring Training League 11u National

Merrick Vipers - Black00
Astoria Storm 11u Blue00
Flushing Bearcats00
South Shore Chiefs-Umhafer00
Long Island Devils White00
New Hyde Park Blue Devils 11u00